Soon messenger apps will be the preferred way for your customers to do business with you, replacing the web and apps as first point of contact, while superseding email as the main form of communication with your customers. Chatbots are opening up new opportunities for consumer engagement using conversational commerce.

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Messaging apps have evolved rapidly, they are no longer the text based communication apps you remember. They have sophisticated functionality, enabling users to send money, communicate via images and video, while not having to be dedicated to the chat conversation. As customers increasingly consume highly curated, personalised content instead of generic marketing, these interactions are increasingly important.

Chatbots are software that simulate communication with a person in messenger apps. People are already familiar with their customer services application but they are evolving into sophisticated sales and marketing tools. Bots enable highly target content delivery and exceptional market segmentation based on chatbot interaction.  

People engage with bots because they provide the functionality of most apps without the extra steps of downloading, setting up apps and creating a new account. As more services become compatible with chatbots, users are showing  a preference for brands that allow they to solve problems from within the messaging app environment.

Chatbots are one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. This is because as soon as someone engages with a chatbot, you have the ability to push messages to them within Facebook Messenger, while users are dynamically segmented into groups in order to serve different content to them. While automated workflows can be set up to capture the data generated and help nurture a sale. The customer engagement is 1:1 which means you're not competing with others in the newsfeed, and subsequently opening and click through rates are higher due to the lack of background noise. While you can also respond to anyone who interacts with your page or ads, by directly following up within Messenger.

Imagine having a team member that always speaks to your customers, can interact with hundreds of them at a time, never needs time off, helps your customers with advice and purchasing, follows up with them afterwards, enjoys doing repetitive tasks, logs leads they generate, is always unfailingly polite to customers and most importantly is always accessible to your customers no matter where they are.

You've just imagined a chatbot! 

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