About Corazon

Corazon is an independent Oilfield Services Company that specialises in the planning and supervision of all aspects of coring operations. As an infrequent service, coring may be rarely encountered by oilfield professionals, even those working in the Geosciences. This can result in a knowledge gap on the part of the Operator. At Corazon we provide support and guidance to ensure Operators have confidence when dealing with the coring and core analysis market. We provide unbiased advice on the systems that are best suited to the Operator’s well objectives and needs, optimising the coring project to minimise costs.
Planning of Coring Projects
Of investment in Coring
Wellsite supervision of Coring Operations
Quality Control and Quality Assurance at every stage
Global Experience
Wide ranging knowledge and experience base
Training and Coaching in Coring & Core Handling and the Oilfield in General
Rig in the Desert
Rig in Tunisia


As the founder of Corazon Oilfield Services, Tim Clarke, is a dynamic, passionate, and highly motivated character. Working in the wellsite, laboratory and office environments has developed a wide range of skills and a good all round knowledge base. Tim has wide-ranging expertise in Coring and Core Analysis, planning and at the wellsite. With global exposure working in a variety of environments, both onshore and offshore. Tim has experience of working with a wide variety of operators such as BP, Shell, Total, NexenCnooc, Tullow Oil, Dana Petroleum, Cairn India, Perenco and RWE DEA. He has worked in countries as diverse as Poland and Iraq, Norway and Libya, Cameroon and Canada, and many others. Tim has worked on high profile projects such as Clair Ridge, Buzzard, Golden Eagle, Cygnus, Mangala, Jasinoka, Maharaja Lela-Jamalulalam, and Maputa.


Tim has experience working with and for the major coring service providers and as a result has gained knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each. This experience is applied to the requirements of the operators formation evaluation program to advise on the best service option and provider for their particular requirements.


Tim is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Society of Core Analysts.




Tim’s expertise encompasses both coring and

core analysis, this means he has a complete

knowledge of the whole coring process,  from

inception to conclusion.

  • Planning of coring Invitations To
  • Bid documentation evaluation
          and review
  • Planning of coring programs.
  • In depth knowledge of coring
           technology, process and
  • Supervision of coring, handling,
           preservation and wellsite analysis
  • Training of personnel in the coring,
           core handling and core analysis


It is our commitment to the operator to plan and
execute a flawless coring operation that
achieves the objectives of the formation
evaluation program.
View Of Rig in Iraq - Corazon