An Investment In Quality:

Bespoke Coring Programmes, Wellsite Supervision And Training Courses


Core is crucial to understanding reservoir behaviour, which in turn is pivotal to reservoir stewardship and effective reserve recovery. This is even more true when dealing with unconventional reservoirs which have highly convoluted and circuitous pore systems , variable water salinity, low interparticle permeability and other complex issues.


As described core is an important source reservoir information and requires a large investment on the part of the operator. Corazon can provide the guidance and support to secure this investment. At Corazon we use our specialist knowledge to design a coring programme that will meet the specific requirements of the operator. We will provide guidance and advance relating to which coring companies are most apropriate based on the coring programe requirements. Once finalised we also offer supporting services  at the welliste to further secure the investment in Coring. We use our expertise to optimise the coring operation. At the wellsite we supervise the operation, providing QA/QC confidence, and further enhancing the confidence in the data obtained from the core analysis programme. 


As it is an infrequent operation very few rig personnel have seen a coring operation. This lack of familiarity means that a coring operation has an increased HSE risk. This risk is not only a threat to personnel, but also to the core itself. At Corazon we also offer custom designed training programmes looking at Coring and the issues that can arise. Our training programmes, designed with the operator, aim to increase inhouse knowledge, awareness, and reduce this HSE risk.